Since PUMaC is a student-run competition, it relies heavily on the effort given by its volunteers. The following is the list of people who are currently involved in making PUMaC 2019 a success.


Mikako Inaba

Mikako is a sophomore from Bergen County, NJ majoring in computer science. She has enjoyed competing in math competitions including PUMaC in the past and looks forward to helping organize it. She is also part of the synchronized figure skating team and continues her high school cross country career in the running club.


Jacob Wachspress
Director Emeritus/Competitions Coordinator

Jacob is a junior from Pennsylvania studying math.  He has been a participant and an organizer for PUMaC three times.  He enjoys dark chocolate, Latin pop, jogging in green places, baseball and fantasy football.


Juneseo Lee
Logistics Director

June is a sophomore from New Jersey studying math. He is working as a problem writer this year after being assistant-director last year and a participant in previous years. He enjoys playing guitar, ultimate frisbee, and table tennis.



Sam Mathers
Live Round Director

Sam is a sophomore from Morgantown, West Virginia. He intends on majoring in math and, thus did quite a few math competitions in high school (although unfortunately never PUMaC). In the few hours he has not working on assignments or procrastinating working on assignments, Sam enjoys playing table tennis, reading Russian novels, clicking on links in Wikipedia articles, and reminding people that West Virginia is indeed a distinct state from Virginia.


Karen Ying
Volunteer Coordinator

Karen is a sophomore and probable ORFE (applied math) major from Belmont, MA. She participated in various math camps and competitions in high school and is super pumped to help run PUMaC this year. Aside from staying up way too late to finish psets, she spends her time playing Ultimate Frisbee, trying to get good at pool, and out-eating lax bros at meals. 


Michael Gintz
Problem Czar


Byron Chin
Mini-Events Director

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Davey FitzPatrick
Puzzle Hunt Director

Davey is a sophomore from Rochester, New York and a prospective math major. He never competed in PUMAC, but he did go to ARML, which is the same thing except it’s run by actual adults and it has a different acronym. Besides doing math, he enjoys listening to early Genesis and pretending he can play the piano. He has very strong opinions about metaphysics and the sleeping beauty problem.




Alec Leng
Tech Team Lead

Alec is a sophomore from Portland, Oregon, majoring in East Asian Studies. When he's not busy doing work, he primarily enjoys watching anime, doing math and playing games, but concedes that programming isn't too bad either.


Directors Emeritus

  • Will Jiao ‘20 (2018)

  • Jacob Wachspress ‘20 (2018)

  • Eric Neyman ‘19 (2017)

  • Sally Jiao '18 (2016)

  • Nicholas Yang '18 (2015)

  • Bradley Snider '17 (2014)

  • Daniel Kang '16 (2013)

  • Xinyi Chen '15 (2012)

  • Carl Nist-Lund '15 (2012)

  • Minh-Tam Trinh '14 (2011)

  • Sterling Chu '13 (2010)

  • Arthur Safira '12 (2009)

  • Adam Hesterberg '11 (2008)

  • Nathan Savir '09 (2006, 2007)


We also here acknowledge the support of hundreds of volunteer beta-testers, proctors, and graders. PUMaC would not be possible without them!