Since PUMaC is a student-run competition, it relies heavily on the effort given by its volunteers. The following is the list of people who are currently involved in making PUMaC 2017 a success.



Eric Neyman

Eric is a junior math major from Maryland. He did math competitions in middle and high school, including PUMaC (five times). You may know him as EricMathPath09 on Art of Problem Solving. Besides math, Eric enjoys philosophizing, learning cool things about languages, and playing board games.





Juneseo Lee
Assistant Director

June is a freshman and prospective math major from Bergen County, New Jersey. He was involved in math competitions during high school, including 3 years of PUMaC. He is excited to help organize the competition that he once took part in. Besides working late nights on psets, he spends his time playing Ultimate Frisbee, table tennis, and guitar.


Zachary Stier
Problem Czar

Zack is a sophomore math major from Bergen County, New Jersey. He did lots of math in high school, and after competing in PUMaC four times he is excited to be on the team that makes it happen. In his free time, Zack plays basketball, watches classic films, and makes references to those films that his friends don’t get. You can find him around campus wearing shorts and being tall.



Bill Huang
Problem Czar

Bill is a junior math major from nearby West Windsor, NJ. He enjoyed partaking in numerous math competitions in his high school years, with notable accomplishments such as getting exactly zero questions right in Geometry A his senior year. He is excited to help make PUMaC this year a fun event for everyone. Outside academics, he spends way too much time on the computer playing video games and watching anime. He also enjoys swimming, playing piano, and doing dumb things.



Kevin Lin
Volunteer Coordinator

Kevin is a sophomore and probable math major from Northern Virginia. He loved the math team at his high school (<3 TJ VMT family) and participating in math competitions, and wants to make experiences like PUMaC just as great, if not better, for current competitors. In college, he's branched out to playing a large amount of poker and trying to get to native proficiency in Chinese language and culture.


Karen Ying
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Karen is a freshman and probable ORFE (applied math) major from Belmont, MA. She participated in various math camps and competitions in high school and is super pumped to help run PUMaC this year. Aside from staying up way too late to finish psets, she spends her time playing Ultimate Frisbee, trying to get good at pool, and out-eating lax bros at meals. 


William Jiao
Logistics Coordinator

William is a sophomore and prospective math major from West-Windsor Plainsboro, NJ. He has participated in one too many math competitions, and has decided to organize them instead. Aside from doing math and organizing PUMaC, William enjoys eating sushi, throwing cards, and alternating between pulling all-nighters and sleeping past noon.




David Song
Mini-Events Czar

David is a freshman from the faraway land of Bergen County, New Jersey. After three years of competing, he's hyped to be on the organizing side of PUMaC. David is looking to be a computer science major, although he’s not much good at coding – when he’s not struggling with programming assignments, you can find him playing quizbowl, jamming out to K-pop, or being frustrated at the Giants.


Jacob Wachspress
Live Round Director

Jacob is a sophomore likely majoring in math. He participated in PUMaC three times in high school (Go Lehigh Valley!) and is excited to help out on the other end. Apart from math, Jacob likes all thing politics and sports. As you read this, he is busy dominating the competition in his way-too-many fantasy football leagues.


Sam Mathers
Assistant Live Round Director

Sam is a freshman from Morgantown, West Virginia. He intends on majoring in math and, thus, did quite a few math competitions in high school (although unfortunately never PUMaC). In the few hours he has not working on assignments or procrastinating working on assignments, Sam enjoys playing table tennis, reading Russian novels, clicking on links in Wikipedia articles, and reminding people that West Virginia is indeed a distinct state from Virginia.


Ryan McCaffrey
Tech Team Lead

Ryan is a junior computer science major from Long Island, New York. He has enjoyed competing in PUMaC in high school and now looks forward to helping organizing it. Ryan is the founder of the "Best Team Name" PUMaC award, which is returning for its second year in PUMaC 2017. Believe it or not, he successfully predicted that Bryan Abasolo would win the Bachelorette.


Nicholas Yang
Tech Team, Director Emeritus

Nick is a senior from Tallahassee, FL and a math major. He had hoped coming to Princeton would allow him to escape the oppressive Floridian humidity, but unfortunately New Jersey turned out to be no better. Nick has participated in math competitions for (too) many years but is excited to be on the other side, giving back and helping to create opportunities for younger mathletes. Instead of working, Nick would rather be doing puzzles or playing card games.


William Li
Tech Team

William is a freshman and probable computer science major from Edison, NJ. He is disappointed that his school did not bother to register for PUMaC this year even though last year was a great time. Aside from math, William enjoys playing ping pong, cards and board games, and Super Smash Bros 4 (or Brawl on his laptop).


Alec Leng
Tech Team

Alec is a freshman from Portland, Oregon, who will major in math with probability >99%. When he's not busy doing work, he primarily enjoys watching anime, doing math and playing games, but concedes that programming isn't too bad either.


Sally Jiao
Director Emerita

Sally is a senior from Plainsboro, NJ majoring in chemical engineering with a focus in computational chemistry. She enjoyed organizing PUMaC 2016 almost as much as she enjoys eating bananas (and she loves eating bananas) and she's looking forward to helping out with PUMaC 2017 to make sure it's even better.


Directors Emeritus

  • Sally Jiao '18 (2016)
  • Nicholas Yang '18 (2015)
  • Bradley Snider '17 (2014)
  • Daniel Kang '16 (2013)
  • Xinyi Chen '15 (2012)
  • Carl Nist-Lund '15 (2012)
  • Minh-Tam Trinh '14 (2011)
  • Sterling Chu '13 (2010)
  • Arthur Safira '12 (2009)
  • Adam Hesterberg '11 (2008)
  • Nathan Savir '09 (2006, 2007)


We also here acknowledge the support of hundreds of volunteer beta-testers, proctors, and graders. PUMaC would not be possible without them!